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Roots in Forest Industry
The experience and expertise of ProBoreal comes from paper, board and pulp industries, in processes, machinery, services etc. Most of our network members possess decades of working history in service of the biggest companies in the business, in tasks relating to the whole production chain or some of the unit processes.

We have experts of forest industry project management, R&D, manufacturing and maintenance and their management, different unit processes and tasks, etc. We have experience of some very special tasks, also, as can be seen in examples of services below.

Our network consists of individual professionals as well as small / micro size enterprises of the field. Most of these operate at Jyväskylä region in Finland. Role of ProBoreal is to coordinate and conduct this plurality of skills into uniform command to give an easy solution for our customer.

Heavy weight strength in a vivid light body
Unique in our offering is the broad scope of our competences together with low cost structure and high flexibility of our operations.

We have expertise starting from different pulp grades, via paper machine and all its main unit processes, until converting such as printing with various methods. We also have experts for power plants, control and automation of complex facilities, maintenance, project site operations and their supervision, or special supporting operations. We have experience both from machine supplier as well as operator side.

This broad know-how enables us to accept a challenge of also big and demanding projects. For those we have a large network to look for the best talent. Usually we assign a dense project group with few - or even only one - full-time employee, assisted however with group of other experts to support and combine when needed. This way we can keep the fixed costs down without sacrificing spectrum of competence

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