Co-operation of Elof Hansson and ProBoreal

Elof Hansson International is a trading house active in the Pulp & Paper Industry since 1897.

The Head office is located in Gothenburg Sweden. Through subsidiaries, representation offices and agents, Elof Hansson International AB is capable of providing machinery and projects globally. Elof Hansson Group has more than 470 employees and an annual turnover exceeding 600 MEUR.

Marketing co-operation

Co-operation with Elof Hansson International opens a channel for our partners to worldwide markets in pulp, paper, timber, machinery and consumer products.

ProBoreal is the official representative of Elof Hansen International in Finland. Our partners have in their use the global sales and marketing network of Elof Hansson International regarding products Elof Hansson International have approved to their marketing portfolio. This, however, will not limit our partners to sell their products to international customers, if so agreed.

Financial co-operation

Small and medium sized Finnish companies in ProBoreal´s network have an opportunity to benefit about financial arrangements provided by Elof Hansson International. The co-operation model will bring financial security to export trade.