ProBoreal - A flexible partner

Have you thought, how to secure competitiveness, preconditions for operation and renewal of your company?

We will supplement your expertise and resources. ProBoreal consists of professionals and expert companies, and we are used to operate globally.

Fluctuations in the world economy have impact on companies. To supplement your expertice and resources we will provide our help in the areas of development of internal processes, research and development, project management, sales, training and life cycle services. We are a flexible resource for the needs of your company.

Contact us! Our wide network and deep knowledge are on your finger tips.

Challence us! Let's build together the road to the success!

Jarmo Alanko
Managing director

Way to operate

ProBoreal develops your performance and skills, providing research and product development, life cycle, operations' development, project management, sales and training services via our network.We fit our approach to your way to operate. Our principle is to make the collaboration as easy as possible.We serve especially:
  • technology industry
  • small and medium size industries
  • public sector