ICT Services

ICT Project services

Our dedicated project team is comprised of professional, certified, experienced experts who are well-versed in project management, implementation and documentation.
With our customer-centric, results-based philosophy to project delivery, we provide our clients with friendly, experienced, knowledgeable ICT professionals who have years of hands-on experience delivering successful IT projects.

"With our highly-effective approach to IT project delivery, we will prevent additional scope creep and will keep budgets in line with budgeted project costs."

IT Service Management (ITSM) Consulting

"Leverage our service management expertise to deploy enterprise-class mobile, social, and collaborative ITSM environments.
Transform ICT service relationships by changing the business experience."

Our service management expertise spans the full range of capabilities needed to deploy enterprise-level mobile, social, and collaborative ITSM environments.
Our service management consulting provides best practices based on engagements made around the globe.

Cloud Consulting Services

"Whether it’s your first hybrid cloud or you’re expanding an enterprise solution, we can help you plan, build, and run your cloud infrastructure."
We provide cloud planning and implementation solutions to help you navigate your journey to the cloud. Our services are based on implementation best practices and will help minimize risk when navigating the many complexities involved in building and operating a cloud.
By teaming our expert consultants with your ICT leaders, we can help you stand up and integrate the optimal cloud environment to facilitate your strategic and technical business requirements.

Digital Transformation services

"Digital transformation has become the ultimate challenge in change management because it impacts not only industry structures and strategic positioning but all levels of an organization (every task, activity, process) and its extended supply chain. Leaders must constantly challenge their organizations to ensure that this technology-enabled change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage and understand where and how the fundamentals of their current operations could be unsettled by agile new entrants or new business models."

We will help clients define and deliver winning strategies by harnessing the power of this new digital economy, through a collaborative, relationship-based approach. Our commitment is to deliver significant improvements in value and performance with our partners.

Internet of Things, Big data & analytics

"IoT leads the next Industrial revolution. More and more devices are connected to the Internet by embedded technology – 26 billion devices by 2020. IoT will bring the intelligence for physical world. Analyses of the collected data and machine learning open huge business and service opportunities which have not yet been identified for example in the area of circular economies."

We have wide understanding of business processes and operative systems and we have also pioneering experience and deep competence around IoT. We can help our clients to understand new global IoT-playground concerning also big data and analytics.
Our clients will get the full advantage of the new generation solutions and technical components related to those.

Mergers, Demergers & Acquisitions Support

"With over 20 years of experience we will support our clients in their important IT decisions."
Our professionals will help to provide business continuity on the change process when merging or divest ICT related things.

We will help our clients with operational and IT due diligence.
ICT divestiture preparation, process management and things like post-merger integration are also included on our services.

For further information please contact:
Johannes Jansson,
Development manager, ICT
ProBoreal Inc.
email: johannes.jansson(at)proboreal.com
tel: +358 45 6631 426