ProBoreal - Bio-economy

Bio-economy is in the core of ProBoreal's activities

ProBoreal's competence is based on deep knowledge of forest industry. Our experts have long working history with biomaterials, their composition and properties. Batch as well as continuous processes of pulp, paper or board mills and their complex loops and circulations of different fractions are quite common for us. This experience gives us a good basis in understanding and designing complex processes typical for bioprocesses and recycling of various materials. For us bioeconomy is professionally a natural extension towards sustainable use of renewable materials.

Our services in bioeconomy include:
Support in deploying the principles and practices of bioeconomy: We provide assistance for private or public sector organizations in reaching for new opportunities of bioeconomy and related services and new practices.
Development: We help to develop practices in utilizing efficiently industry side flow fractions or community wastes.
Training: We provide training to reinforce innovation, R&D or business skills of the personnel in the bioeconomy sector. Some of our professionals have the vocational teacher qualification.
Surveys on process technology alternatives: We will conduct feasibility studies on different technologies for various production processes. We have profound knowledge especially of energy and forest industry processes, as well as community infra structure.
Strategic analyses: We conduct analyses for the background of strategy using value network, PESTEC or SWOT tools and investment calculations. Great future opportunities

ProBoreal visions itself as one of the insiders of future biobusiness network, offering our expertise, practical design and planning work, and to constantly look for potential applications from the latest research results of the area. We want to keep ourselves open for new ideas and views in this fast evolving area.

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The bio-economy is based on renewable natural resources and new operating models