ProBoreal to market Clean Combustion products in Finland

ProBoreal represents in Finland Clean Combustion's high-tech multi-fuel burners for industrial use.

Clean Combustion AB is a Swedish family company that has developed multi fuel technology from 1990’s. Clean Combustion AB has already delivered tens of installations mostly in Sweden. The technology and its benefits have been proven plenty of times and the technology is spreading rapidly globally.

Clean Combustion web site

Multi Fuel Burning Revolution

The Multi Fuel Burner from Clean Combustion AB is suitable for:
◾ Lime Kiln Burners
◾ Recovery Boiler Burners
◾ Boiler Start-Up And Auxiliary Burners
◾ Odorous Gases Burners

The burner fits well for retrofits and rebuilds. Besides good technical performance, in most cases the real payback times are clearly less than 1 year! Lower Life Cycle Costs with less, quicker, easier maintenance and shorter down-time gives to the burner a competitive edge. The superior performance, which we can meet with our EMB & Performance Guarantees, you can turn into the return of the investment.

Changing the burner provides proven advances

The burner is a wearing part and its performance determinates the energy efficiency and the economics of the whole system.

Replacing the old burner with the most efficient burner technology will amaze you with its benefits and fast payback time. Easier and better mixing, atomizing and utilization of any practical fuels:
- Gas, fluid, solid fuels can be burned with the same burner
- Biogas, methanol, pitch, tar etc. is burned with only one flame.

Only one nozzle and air feed for all different fuels

Reduced steam consumption for atomizing process

Ability to use variation of poorer quality fuels, including stinky or bio based fuels Optimized and reduced fuel costs with more economical fuel mixtures Simply better combustion and thermal efficiency with improved flame adjusting.

New combustion furnace cameras to enable constant control of perfect flame.

Complete one flame control for multi fuel mixtures with wide operation area Reduced emissions to air
Less ash and NOx and other effluents.

Preparing for the all future pollution restriction requirements already today Trouble free ignition, shorter start-up sequence Remote control possibility Less down time because of cleanliness or plugging problems Lower boiler maintenance cost

As a result, in the most cases the real payback times are clearly less than 1 year!

Paperi ja Puu 20171212 - Puubiomassa meesauunien polttoaineena

Latest technology and rugged experience

Fig - Multi-fuel burner - innovative hardware and sophisticated software

Hardware: New innovation in burner nozzle geometry
Multi fuel burner – gas, fluid, solid fuels => Flexible fuel usage
Self-Cleaning Design => High uptime
No Mixing Chamber => No clogging
Low Steam Pressure => Better steam economy
High Up-Down Ratio => Better process economy
Better Atomisation => Better fuel economy and flame control
Over 270 different setups => Tailor made for your process

Software: Complete Burner Management System
Burner Management System – CE-Marking => Quality system included
Burner Control System – Plug & Play => Fast start-up
Burner Safety System – SIL-3 => Safety with fast reaction time
Flame Monitor System with Heat resistant cameras => Better control and troubleshooting
Burning Management Intelligence – Remote Support => External expert support
Valve Trains - Media Flow Control & Measure => Integrated for fast and reliable operation

This all results in Lower life cycle costs with less, quicker, easier maintenance and shorter down-time.
Superior performance which we can meet with our EMB & Performance Guarantees that you can turn into the return of investment.


Clean Combustion AB, a Swedish family company, has developed this technology from 1990’s and has already delivered 26 lime kiln installations and 89 vortex injectors / burners installed, mostly in Sweden, but the technology is spreading rapidly globally. The technology and its benefits have been proven plenty of times.
The complete list and map of installations is available.

Who to contact?
In Finland ProBoreal Oy is the contact – easy to cope and discuss with Finnish industry experts.

Marketing co-operation

Elof Hansson International AB, Clean Combustion Technologies AB and ProBoreal Oy have reached an agreement on a marketing co-operation in Finland. Accordingly, ProBoreal will from now market and promote Clean Combustion products in Finland.

Elof Hansson

Elof Hansson is a trading house active in the Pulp & Paper Industry since 1897. The Head office is located in Gothenburg Sweden. Through subsidiaries, representation offices and agents, Elof Hansson International AB is capable of providing machinery and projects globally. Elof Hansson Group has more than 470 employees and an annual turnover exceeding 600 MEUR.

Clean Combustion

Clean Combustion AB, has since 1999 developed dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems with efficiency and environmental improvements to industrial processes. The company has today a global sales presence, on their list of clients are among others the majority of the larger Pulp & Paper Companies in Sweden and abroad. “The ProBoreal-promoted activities will secure further business opportunities and real customer value for the ProBoreal customer network" says CEO Kjell Myrén from Clean Combustion


ProBoreal Oy has established a wide network of experienced experts with special know-how in pulp and paper industry, industrial machinery and processes, power plants, production of energy, bio materials and chemicals.

Network consists of experts from development to production phase. There are professionals that have been working e.g. in project management, R&D, sales, life cycle, environmental analysis and energy efficiency development. ProBoreal offers services of these various professionals in a “one-desk” principle for industry globally.

ProBoreal Oy was founded in 2014 in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. By now, the ProBoreal Ltd. has had operation in three continents and is growing rapidly.

“Clean Combustion has technologically advanced products that fit perfectly into our strategy to grow in energy business, especially keeping in mind new bio based fuels and new energy sources. We are thrilled about the co-operation with Clean Combustion that values and passion for new business we also find very similar to our own”, says Managing Director, MSc Jarmo Alanko from ProBoreal.

ProBoreal team visited on Spring 2016 at Clean Combustion premises at Åtvidaberg on a training course. The co-operation starts with a preparations and market survey phase, after which the actual marketing activities will start in the 3rd quarter in 2016. In the first phase, the burners for rotary kilns and power plants as well as furnace flame cameras are in the primary interest scope. During the visit the team studied the products in theory, in assembly hall and also in action in a nearby pulp mill.